Upload CSVs in Factor

Factor can ingest customers’ files for orders, inventory, and boms in multiple different ways, including via upload in the Factor website. If this method is most convenient for your business, here’s how to do it.

Before you upload your open orders to Factor, make sure you have a Factor account created. Click here to set up a Factor account.

Custom or Default Format?

Now, determine the format with which you need to upload your file. Factor can accept your file with Factor’s column names or your own custom headers.  If you’re not sure which one is the best to use, here are some tips:

Factor accepts files in csv , xlsx, and xls formats.

Download Factor's format here.

We can work with you to intake data for both Plan and Track in other formats and/or capture more fields in Factor, if necessary for your business. For assistance creating a custom format or with custom fields, please contact or contact your customer success representative.

Factor Track - Upload Columns

Factor Track can accept the following columns to ingest your open orders using the Factor default template. Most Factor users choose to include a subset of the following fields based on their unique business needs. Please note that column headers are case-sensitive.

This CSV template contains all the fields that Factor accepts, if you’d like to use it as a starting point:  Factor Default CSV Template.

Required Fields

The Factor system will not work without these fields. If your file doesn’t include them, your upload will fail.

Recommended Fields

These fields are optional in the sense that the Factor system will accept your file without them. However, depending on your business and data management processes, excluding these fields may affect the way you and your vendors see information or otherwise adversely impact Factor’s functionality.

If including multiple order members, use comma or semicolon separation to distinguish between the email addresses. If they are not already a Factor user, Factor will invite them using this email address. Please note, Factor emails these contacts on your behalf at the point of CSV ingestion, so make sure to double check these email addresses before you add your items to Factor.

Optional Fields

These fields are completely optional and will not impact Factor’s functionality at this time. Some users choose to use these fields so they can keep consistent data flowing back and forth between their ERP system and Factor. In other cases, these fields may be needed depending on your organization’s unique business processes.

Factor Plan - Upload Columns

Bom Upload Columns

Inventory Upload Columns

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