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Track orders in real time

Solve order delays before they happen, not the week after.
Focus your time on issue resolution, not identification.
Get updates from 100% of your suppliers with no training or onboarding required.
Make more accurate forecasts based on historical supplier performance data.

Invest in supplier relationships

Centralize and streamline supplier communication so nothing gets lost.
Isolate the performance of your suppliers from other parties such as logistics providers and internal teams.

A smarter kind of supply chain technology

Built for manufacturing
Works like a charm with custom mechanical and electrical parts as well as multi-tier assemblies.
Comes fully charged
No onboarding, training, or setup required for your suppliers means you can start getting value from Factor in 5 minutes or less.
Believes in relationships
Strong manufacturing relationships can move mountains. Technology can’t replace that. But it can help free up time to re-invest in relationships.
Improve visibility on day 1
Factor can start tracking purchase orders out of the box as a standalone application or can integrate with your ERP via API to provide real-time order status updates.

Connect your favorite tools

Factor integrates with your existing tools (ERP, finance, etc..) to streamline your supply chain and maintain consistency across all of your applications.

Supercharge your purchasing

One-click RFQs enable apples-to-apples quote comparisons.
Collaborative purchasing lets you involve product line SMEs.
Centralize and automate all your essential purchasing, order tracking, and reporting workflows.

Improve your product

Supplier performance benchmarked in real time and available at time of purchase decision
Mitigate supply-chain complexity by seeing your vendors in one comprehensive overview
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