Increase humanity’s capacity to innovate by reducing the resources and time needed to move from theoretical design to physical goods.

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Bonded by our passion for technology, empowering manufacturers, and building the company we've always wanted to work at

Aarushi Sharma
Allan Romo
Customer Success
Andrea Lazo
Customer Success
Andrew Gorbaty
Anna Davis
Customer Success
Avigail King
Customer Success
Bakhtawer Beloch
Business Operations
Ben Huff
Colton O'Farrell
Devora Garzon
Customer Success
Doug Shultz
CEO, Co-founder
Hector Sanchez
Jordan Sterling
Michael Szewczyk
Customer Success, Co-founder
Roberto Galaz
Taylor Benton
Will Van Eaton
Product Marketing
Ynden Lizardo
Customer Success

Our Investors

Backed by investors who share our vision for a supply chain revolution, including:

Our core values

Empathetic confidence
We confidently voice and stick up for our views, while also seeking to understand different views. We value getting to right more than being right.
Always go one step deeper
We ask the extra (potentially dumb) question. We explain the why, not just the what.
Every interaction matters
We strive to have productive, delightful interactions with our customers and our coworkers every time.
Sweat the outcome
We’re crystal clear with the outcome we’re trying to achieve. We figure out the 1 or 2 decisions that matter most to achieving the outcome; get those right, and make quick decisions on the rest.
Clear is kind
We value the courage to be honest and transparent with our wins and losses, fears and joys. We don’t mince words — clear is kind. We let our goofy selves shine through!
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