Always know your real lead times

Receive updates on delivery dates for every purchase to accurately forecast incoming deliveries and keep building.

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 Leading manufacturers plan production with Factor

Understand the impact that delivery schedule changes have on production

factor track workflow involves procurement
concept visual of supplier and buyer communicating via factor

Proactively mitigate order delay risks

Based on supplier notifications and historical performance, updated delivery projections empower you to act quickly if crucial inventory is not going to arrive on time.

Automate outreach for timely updates

Leverage outreach sequences that collect pertinent information from suppliers so you can free up your time and focus on strategic initiatives.

concept visual of factor's automated supplier outreach capability
concept visual of factor's vendor performance tracking capability, graphing delays for a specific vendor

Improve your supplier base

Learn which suppliers are providing on-time deliveries, and those that are consistently delayed, to identify areas for supplier optimization.

Connects to your tech stack to automatically update delivery dates

concept visual of how factor integration works

Works with your existing systems

Factor has changed the way we manage our supply chain from reactive to proactive by enabling us to manage by exception. This has freed my team up to focus on strengthening vendor relationships and sourcing new vendors.

David Akman

Director of Manufacturing