Vecna Robotics proactively manages their supply chain with Factor

Vecna Robotics provides AI-powered robotics for the material handling industry. To build their product, their small but mighty manufacturing and purchasing team sources a wide range of mechanical and electrical parts from a diverse supply base across the world. They came to Factor to help get accurate ETAs from suppliers and manage variable lead times.

The problem

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Vecna’s supplier lead times have become more variable, with delays from suppliers risking build timelines and customer satisfaction.

Their team has a variety of responsibilities, and proactively following up with suppliers on every line item of every PO to keep ETAs up-to-date was unrealistic. And when the team did reach out to some vendors, those that responded were slow to do so, and gave vague, unactionable updates like, “The new ETA for this order is Q4.” And to add to the problem, their MRP process used quoted lead times rather than real lead times, resulting in inaccurate forecasts that further complicated the problem.

How Vecna uses Factor


“With Factor, we’re able to deliver to customer demand faster and more reliably.”
With Factor, Vecna gets:

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