How to take advantage of Manufacturing USA

What is Manufacturing USA?

Manufacturing USA hosts and partially funds manufacturing institutes that convene manufacturing companies, suppliers, researchers from universities and industry, business advisers, and government workers. The organization is partially funded by federal gov, and partially by some participants and grantmaking organizations. Currently they host 11 institutes, for which they frequently post funding award competitions, research requests, and are actively seeking participants. Each institute is managed as a portfolio by institute directors, who oversee research sharing and host testbeds for manufacturers experimenting with new tech. 

What is their scope?

Manufacturing USA’s 2019/20 report claimed they work with 1900+ member orgs, of which 61% are manufacturers. 70% of those are small and medium sized. 

What's changing?

Changes and spending authorization under USICA: $1.2 billion authorized for 2022-2026. The bill includes guidance for institutes on how they should preference participation of HBCUs, minority-owned businesses, and businesses from traditionally economically disadvantaged areas. USICA also develops a process by which foreign researchers and companies can complete a waiver to participate in institutes, and directs the federal government to buy when possible from companies participating in Manufacturing USA institutes. 

How to Access Manufacturing USA benefits and programs: 

Find appropriate institute for you: 

Find open opportunities and funding awards: 

Register for upcoming events: 

Each institute has unique application form and membership process/requirements, so manufacturers and others interested in joining the Manufacturing USA network should first identify the appropriate institute. Each institute will post their unique application forms on their website.

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