How All Safe Global saves 60 hours on order tracking every month with Factor

With Factor, All Safe Global is equipped with more frequent and more accurate supplier data

The company

All Safe Global has been in business for over 45 years as a servicer and wholesale stocking distributor of compressed gas cylinders, valves, accessories, and beverage kegs. With a growing customer base spanning many industries including medical, industrial, beverage, and more, All Safe Global was eager to provide the best customer experience possible. However, they were struggling to find time for bigger strategic projects, like sourcing new vendors. They turned to Factor to help them streamline vendor communication and provide high-value vendor scorecards, saving them time and equipping them with actionable supplier performance data.

The problem

The All Safe Global purchasing and manufacturing teams were spending too much time tracking down the status of their supplier delivery dates and purchase orders (POs) to provide their customers with more accurate delivery and shipment dates. Karl Stark, All Safe Global’s Purchasing Manager, was responsible for managing hundreds of vendors and was having trouble keeping up with communicating updates to the All Safe Global sales team on behalf of their customers. He regularly had to balance taking the time to email and call a vendor to get a status update with other mission-critical priorities like forecasting demand or renegotiating pricing with vendors. Tracking down delivery timelines and critical supplier information was taking precedence. 

“It was hard to communicate accurate, real-time information about open orders to my sales team and, by extension, our customer.”

Karl Stark, Purchasing Manager, All Safe Global

Before partnering with Factor, Karl and the team at All Safe Global were considering hiring a new inbound logistics associate simply to keep the status of their open orders up to date and provide customers with better visibility.

The solution

All Safe Global decided to partner with Factor to streamline communication and visibility into supplier delivery dates or delays. Factor automates PO follow-up and reports on supplier performance, providing All Safe Global with much more actionable data into what is happening in the supply chain. In addition, Factor integrates with All Safe Global’s enterprise resource planning (ERP), providing a flexible solution that works alongside their existing tools and keeping data up to date across systems.

The result

With Factor in place, All Safe Global’s purchasing team spends more time on high-value, strategic projects and initiatives. Karl Stark said “Factor easily saves me 15 hours per week by providing real-time order updates. Now I can focus more on bigger strategic initiatives like negotiating better pricing and delivery terms.” In working with Factor, the automated inbound order tracking is helping All Safe Global: 

In addition, Factor tracks, centralizes, and highlights important supplier performance data, such as metrics on timely delivery rates. The data-rich vendor scorecards and supplier performance data are also helping All Safe Global to: 

Factor has equipped All Safe Global with automation and better supplier performance data, enabling them to focus more time on driving high-impact initiatives, like expanding their product portfolio and maintaining supply-chain resilience, and less time manually tracking down orders. With more visibility into its supply chain, All Safe Global can maximize business value providing customers a better buying experience.

Ready to follow in All Safe Global’s footsteps and get more accurate supplier delivery times? Click here to learn more or request a demo today to see how Factor can transform your operations and help you get better data from your suppliers to save money and time. Our supply chain experts are ready to provide a tailored walkthrough focused on your specific challenges and goals.

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