Automate your developer workflow

Programmatically define and run workflows to connect configuration management, source code management, build, continuous integration, continuous deployment and communication tools.

What? is a simple way to automate developer workflows by defining them programmatically using the syntax and running them using the Server.


You simply write a workflow definition file, a Ruby-based Domain Specific, to listen for events and take actions then you execute the workflow by calling factor s.

You can run the workflow locally, run it on a server, or easily deploy it to Heroku.

Using WebSocketHook these workflows can even listen to events like web-hooks when running locally, so the workflows work no matter where the code runs.


Absolutely! Creating a custom integration is just a matter of creating a new class which inherites from Factor::Connector.

Production ready?

No. The runtime is well defined and throughly tested; however, the set of integrations is limited, the listening capabilities are not fully vetted, and the latest runtime hasn't been fully vetted in the wild.